Scheduled Reporting


With all of your Google Apps data centralized in one console, FlashPanel is able to reveal trends, risks, and stats about all of the activities on your domain. Set reports to run on a schedule in order to save time and gain a large enough data set to monitor changes over time.

  • Build custom reports and set them to run on a schedule, exporting directly to Drive each time
  • Set the frequency the report will run, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and the time of day
  • Enter additional email address for users who should also receive each report
  • Modify the report or schedule at any time or make a copy


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How can I edit a scheduled report?

To edit a previously scheduled report or the frequency it runs on, navigate to Reports within FlashPanel. Here you will see a listing of all saved and scheduled reports. Click on the title to edit the content of the report, and click on the schedule icon to the right of the report to change the frequency. Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→

Where can I view scheduled reports?

Reports will export directly to your Google Drive, in a designated folder called “FlashPanel Reports.” You will also receive an email each time a report runs with a link to access. Any users who you’ve entered to receive a copy of the report will receive an email, as well. Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→

How can I allow other admins or users to receive reports?

When you are scheduling a report, the modal that allows you to set how often the report will run also gives you the option to enter additional email addresses. These users will be able to view the report and will receive an email each time it runs. Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→

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