Domain Health & Insight Center®


Proactively surfaces the information most important to your organization every time you log in to FlashPanel. That information could be critical security risks, performance optimizations, or simply helpful tips and best practices if you’ve already addressed any risks.

  • Customize the Snapshots section to display stats most relevant to your domain
  • Gauge your domain’s health by green, yellow, and red indicators
  • Prioritize My Tasks with a customizable action center
  • Stay on top of your domain’s security and mitigate risks before they become an issue


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How is my Domain Health determined?

The Domain Health section displays a color coded summary of the health of your domain based on actions you have taken to ensure security and optimize domain management

If the Domain Health is green, then there are no actions that need to be taken.
If the Domain Health is yellow, then there is at least one non-urgent action that needs to be taken.
If the Domain Health is red, then there is at least one action that needs to be taken.

How can I tell how urgent a notification is?

The urgency of the action
Blue: no action necessary (informational)
Green: action completed
Yellow: action required (not urgent)
Red: action required (urgent)

Can I try out the Domain Health & Insight Center before purchasing FlashPanel?

Yes. You can install FlashPanel for a free 30 day trial of the full Enterprise version of the Domain Health & Insight Center, as well as full access to the entire application. Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→

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