Top IT Workflows & Automations to Power 
the 2021 Digital Workplace

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  • How to evaluate SaaS apps in four stages
  • 45 questions to consider when choosing a new app
  • A spreadsheet template to keep your process organized
  • Bonus: 6 things to look for in a secure SaaS vendor

What does compliance mean for IT? And how do you achieve it in the digital workplace?

Learn how IT and SaaSOps professionals can conquer compliance in the era of SaaS.

What's inside the guide:

An extensive guide that includes several lesser-known, but powerful IT workflow use-cases. Plus, a few templates for some inspiration!

Recent studies show that IT needs to strive for highly automated and iterative SaaS operations*. But that begs one critical (and tricky) question: How do you even begin to tackle automation, let alone master it? 

To help you start 2021 on the right foot, we curated a collection of resources that explore the power of IT workflows and automation—and give you practical tips on how to get started.

Need to convince your boss that IT automation is the future? This guide will help you build a strong business case.

A step-by-step walkthrough that ensures a seamless offboarding experience.

Actionable tips from BetterCloud product experts on conducting audits and optimizing your IT workflows.

The Untapped Power 
of Automation.

The IT Business Case for Automated Offboarding.

Offboarding Employees: The Ultimate Checklist for Modern IT Professionals

How to Audit, Improve & Enhance Your BetterCloud Workflows.

What you’ll find in this packet:

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