User Lifecycle Management

From onboarding and offboarding, to managing org unit changes and group memberships, to updating a user’s contact info, user lifecycle management (ULM) is no small responsibility. Not only must ULM processes enable employees to do their jobs effectively, but they must also keep company data secure.

Frictionless Experience from Day One

Deliver a seamless experience for end-users and their managers from the minute they walk in the door.

  • Give new users exactly what they need with automated onboarding policies that put them in the right groups, give access to proper files, add them to calendars, and more
  • Give your HR team the power to kick off automated onboarding and offboarding policies by connecting your HRIS to BetterCloud
  • Notify HR and managers on the status of ULM policies with notifications to third-party tools, like Slack

Learn how BetterCloud cut the time it takes a K-12 School to onboard users by 94%.

Improved Security

Remove the risk of user-error and improve security by fully offboarding users from applications.

  • Automate the process of removing former employees from company applications that store critical data
  • Get rid of manual steps with customized ULM policies by location, team, department, or role
  • Empower HR to kick off automated offboarding policies as soon as a user is removed from your environment
  • Verify onboarding and offboarding policies ran as expected with reports on automated workflow results

“Even if you use Okta for deprovisioning, it can’t do everything you need to do. BetterCloud picks up where Okta leaves off.” | Ryan Donnon, First ROund Capital

Scalable Customization

Build your unique policy and BetterCloud will take the appropriate actions based on the user’s location, department, or manager.

  • Transfer a user's documents and folders to their manager as part of an automated workflow
  • Add pauses to workflows to ensure all documents, calendars, and settings are correct before fully deleting a user from your environment
  • Safeguard your automated policies by only giving specific IT or HR users access to view or edit

Modern day offboarding processes are getting more complex

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