SaaS Operations Management

Maintaining an organized domain is the first line of defense for creating a secure environment and giving end-users access to the tools and files they need. By improving the efficiency, security, and management of your environment’s SaaS applications, you can deliver a seamless experience for your end-users and respond faster to routine requests and security threats. You’ll also save hundreds of hours a year on training by consolidating your team to a single, easy-to-use interface for administrative tasks across your core SaaS applications.

Respond Faster

SaaS Operations teams can respond to tickets and alerts faster than ever before with a centralized list of the actions and controls from disparate administrator consoles.

  • A consolidated list of actions available across applications makes it simple to push out one-off updates to users, groups, channels, files, and more in bulk
  • Detect potential insider threat and security breaches with custom alerts designed with windowing and cross-application functionality
  • Reduce risk of a potential security breach with workflows that automatically enforce policies, such as file sharing permissions or email forwarding
  • Quickly find individual users, groups, or data objects within your core SaaS applications with advanced discoverability features

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Bulk Management

Quickly and easily manage or move groups of users and files across multiple instances of an application.

  • Perform one-off updates on multiple users, groups, and files or create an automated workflow to take a series of actions
  • Easily build workflows to move users from one instance of an application to another, including placing users in the proper groups, giving users access to folders, and applying the proper permissions
  • Remove existing public sharing links from files and create a policy to automatically remove public links if they are created in the future
  • View audit logs from multiple instances with search, sort, and filter abilities to find specific administrator actions

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Reduce Risk and Training Time

By centralizing all administrator actions to a single platform, you can reduce the risk of an error or threat as well as cut time spent training teams on multiple systems.

  • Safeguard against potentially dangerous actions, such as updating full user lists, with notifications
  • Ensure complex processes are done properly and in real-time with an automated workflows engine
  • Cut down hours of training by training administrators on a single application, rather than multiple administrative consoles
  • Only give users access to the data objects and functionality they need access to with a least privilege administrator model

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