With users and data stored across multiple, disparate SaaS applications, there’s no way to get a comprehensive overview of your domain and answer basic questions. BetterCloud centralizes your data across applications into a single view, giving you visibility into the users and data in your environment as well as functionality to pull reports and exports of important data. Now you can drill into reports to find unused licenses, users violating security policies, and documents shared publicly.

Data Inventory and Management

Understand the state of your SaaS environment with centralized grids and advanced discoverability features.

  • Get a comprehensive view into the users, groups, and data objects within your core SaaS applications
  • Export data from multiple SaaS applications into a single report and correlate cross-application activities
  • Dive into specific users and applications to get context on issues and potential threats
  • Quickly find individual data objects with advanced search and discoverability features

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License Management

Make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck with reporting on application usage and automated workflows to delete unused licenses.

  • Understand which users are using each application within your environment anytime, not just during your renewal
  • Export data on active and inactive users across SaaS applications for advanced analytics in a third-party tool
  • Track contractor and freelance users’ licenses to optimize available seats within each application
  • Save money on suspended and unused licenses by creating comprehensive offboarding workflows that ensure you have saved all the important data before deleting the user’s license

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Security Insights

Find and stay on top of important security incidents and potential threats to your environment with proactive reporting and insights.

  • Pull reports detailing documents in your domain that contain sensitive information along with the owners of the documents and the existing sharing settings
  • Routinely monitor the security of your environment with scheduled reports, such as email forwarding, docs exposed externally, public docs viewed in last 30 days
  • Produce documentation to show previous users have been fully offboarded from all applications, including removal of access, ownership of files, and devices wiped
  • Export user and data information across applications in seconds, including reports on total users across applications and the access users have

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