Onboarding & Offboarding

Onboarding and offboarding is more than just giving users access to applications. IT is also responsible for managing data objects and advanced settings, including updating folder sharing permissions, adding/removing calendars, groups management, applying settings, and more. BetterCloud provides end users with a frictionless experience, reduces the time IT spends onboarding and offboarding users, and improves security by automating these routine processes with custom workflows.

Frictionless Experience from Day 1

Custom, cross-application automation workflows enable IT to deliver a seamless experience for end-users and their managers from the minute they walk in the door.

  • Give new users exactly what they need with automated onboarding workflows that put them in the right groups, give access to the proper files, add them to calendars, and more
  • Notify HR and managers on the status of onboarding and offboarding workflows with webhook notifications to third-party tools, like Slack
  • Give your HR team the power to kick off onboarding and offboarding workflows by connecting your HRaaS to BetterCloud
  • Save money on suspended and unused licenses by creating comprehensive offboarding workflows that ensure you have saved all the important data before deleting the user’s license

“Even if you use Okta for deprovisioning, it can’t do everything you need to do. BetterCloud picks up where Okta leaves off.” | Ryan Donnon, First Round Capital READ CASE STUDY >>

Improve Security

Remove the risk of user-error and improve security by ensuring users are added and removed from applications, groups, files, calendars, and more in real-time.

  • Ensure workflows are done properly every time by automatically setting granular controls for new users and revoking access to all data objects for exiting employees
  • Get rid of tedious checklists and one-off access requests with customized onboarding and offboarding processes by location, team, department, or role
  • Empower HR to kick off workflows as soon as a user is added or removed from your environment
  • Verify onboarding and offboarding processes ran as expected with reports on automated workflow results

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Scalable Customization

Automation workflows can be revisited and edited at any time, enabling IT to keep up with the pace of change in your environment.

  • Trigger automatic onboarding and offboarding workflows based on changes in your HRaaS, IDaaS, or Active Directory, even without IT’s involvement
  • Transfer a user's documents and folders to their manager as part of an automated workflow
  • Add pauses to workflows to ensure all documents, calendars, and settings are correct before fully deleting a user from your environment
  • Safeguard your automation workflows by only giving specific IT or HR users access to view or edit

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