License Management

Never waste a penny on unused licenses. With BetterCloud, you can report on which users are not using connected SaaS applications and automatically delete licenses you don’t need.

Analyze License Usage

Understand which core SaaS applications users need and where you can save on licenses.

  • Understand which users are using each application within your environment anytime, not just during your renewal
  • Gain insight into adoption for newly purchased SaaS applications
  • Export data on active and inactive users across SaaS applications for advanced analytics
  • Identify opportunities to save money on underused SaaS applications and unused licenses

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Automate License Management

Using automated policies, IT can assign new licenses during onboarding, delete licenses during offboarding, and provision licenses in between.

  • Save money on suspended and unused licenses by creating comprehensive offboarding policies that completely delete previous users
  • Eliminate human error by removing manual, repetitive license assignment or deletion steps
  • Create a frictionless experience for end-users by automatically re-assigning licenses when a user changes departments, teams, or managers

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Hassle-Free Contracting

Track contractor and freelancer’s licenses to optimize available seats within each application.

  • Enhance security by automatically restricting a contractor’s SaaS application licenses to the specific length of time they need for the job
  • Gain visibility into all contractors who currently have access to your applications and what data they can view and manage
  • Confirm contractors have been fully offboarded with automated policies

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