Least Privilege Adminstrator Model

While every SaaS application offers administrator roles with differing access to the system, there is little to no consistency across applications in either terminology or levels of privileges offered. Additionally, most applications set the permission levels for you, which means if you want to give a user access to perform a set action, you must make the user a super administrator. BetterCloud ensures administrators only have the privileges they need with a customizable, “built for IT” privilege management experience.

Custom Roles and Permissions

Reduce risk by limiting the number of administrators in your environment and only providing access to the data objects and functionality needed.

  • Build custom administrator roles with functionality to limit the objects, data types, and applications administrators can view, create, edit, and delete
  • Create unlimited roles with varying degrees of access and functionality
  • Enable other departments, such as HR, to maintain user information and kickoff routine user lifecycle workflows, such as moving a user between teams
  • Maintain proper controls by updating users’ roles individually or in bulk

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Audit Actions

Since all administrator actions are taken through a single console, BetterCloud can produce a complete audit log of actions taken across your environment’s applications.

  • Monitor administrators with a centralized log of administrator actions across applications that includes a timestamp and a brief description of the action taken
  • Get complete context into administrator actions with a clickable audit log
  • Ensure administrators are not accidentally added to your environment with policies that revoke access to administrators over a set number
  • Quickly identify the actions taken by rogue administrators by using the search features to show all actions taken within a set timeframe

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Eliminate Redundant Systems

By centralizing the management experience in BetterCloud, you can remove unnecessary systems and potentially dangerous rogue automation scripts.

  • Cut down hours of training by training administrators on a single application, rather than multiple administrative consoles
  • Remove ad hoc scripts from your environment and centralize automation workflows in a single place where super administrators can audit the actions taken
  • Do away with application-specific audit logs and administrator reports from disparate applications and search across a consolidated log
  • Enforce the same exact security protocols and policies across multiple instances of the same application

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