IT Maintenance

Without a clean, organized domain, policy enforcement will never be as strong as you need and will be difficult to scale. Using BetterCloud, you can declutter your environment and maintain data integrity across mission-critical SaaS applications.

SaaS Operations Management

Deliver a seamless experience for your end-users and respond faster to routine requests and security threats.

  • Respond faster to IT requests with a consolidated list of actions for all connected applications
  • Perform one-off updates on multiple users, groups, and files or create an automated workflow to take a series of actions
  • Cut down hours of training by training administrators on a single application, rather than multiple administrative consoles

SaaS Action Orchestration: The Pinnacle of SaaS Management

Declutter Your Environment

Navigate faster and improve productivity by tidying up your environment.

  • Cut down on lost productivity and confusion by automatically deleting irrelevant groups in your domain
  • Gain visibility into all empty channels and groups, and configure alerts that tell you any time a new one arises
  • Delete former employees calendar events that take up available spaces

Learn how BetterCloud helped a K-12 school clean up a graveyard of empty channels

Data Integrity

Implementing secure policies across your domain is only possible when user and group data is accurate.

  • Receive alerts when user’s profile information is not complete
  • Ensure data is current by making one-off or bulk updates to user and group profile information for multiple SaaS applications
  • Quickly view all files, applications, and channels a user has access to through their User 360 Profile

SaaS Ops: A New Frontier for IT?

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