Insider Threat Protection

Whether they are intentionally acting maliciously or negligently exfiltrating sensitive information, your employees, contractors, partners, and privileged administrators can pose the greatest security threat to your organization. With a custom alerting interface, automatic policy enforcement, and proper management of administrator and end-user controls, BetterCloud keeps Security teams on top of insider threats without slowing end-users down.

Find Meaningful Information

With fully-configurable alerts, you can find and stay on top of important security incidents and potential threats to your environment.

  • Identify important issues by configuring system alerts settings, including the priority, conditions, triggers, and methods of notifications
  • Detect potential insider threat and security breaches with custom alerts designed with windowing and cross-application functionality
  • Get a comprehensive overview of activities and potential security threats in your environment with scheduled reports that are emailed to super administrators
  • Educate users with notifications that they are in violation of a security policy and the actions that will be taken, such as unsharing a file with sensitive information or reverting their account settings

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Automatic Resolution

Automated policies enable you to manage data across multiple core SaaS applications, detect violations, and take appropriate actions in real-time.

  • Automatically correct sharing settings on documents with personal information, including social security numbers, personally identifiable information, or credit card numbers
  • Keep groups and files private with policies that dynamically revert the settings if a user or administrator changes the access to public
  • Remove ad hoc scripts from your environment and centralize automation workflows in a single place where super administrators can audit the actions taken
  • Quickly address one-off issues by taking action from the centralized list of actions available across applications

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Proper Management

By managing your environment correctly from day 1, you can reduce risk posed by administrators with too much access and remain attentive to new potential threats.

  • Only give users access to the data objects and functionality they need access to with a least privilege administrator model
  • Quickly find actions taken by rogue administrators with a centralized log of administrator actions across applications that includes a timestamp and a brief description of the action taken
  • Remove suspended accounts and properly offboard users across applications to ensure previous employees do not have access to private company information
  • Routinely monitor the security of your environment with scheduled reports, such as email forwarding, docs exposed externally, public docs viewed in last 30 days

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