Groups Management

Mismanagement of groups can have dangerous consequences. With a multitude of settings and the ability for end-users to alter them, implementing policies that control, manage and secure your groups can save you from data exposure.

Enforce Security Settings

Conserve groups settings by enforcing policies that revert changes made by end-users.

  • Protect against common groups misconfigurations that create data exposure by automatically reverting dangerous settings
  • Filter in a central directory to gain a holistic view of groups and group settings across multiple applications
  • Install event detectors that alert you when an end-user has violated a group settings policy

Bringing Order to Chaos: Automating Policy Enforcement for SaaS

Prevent Data Exposure

Mitigate the risk of a data breach by enforcing automated group privacy policies.

  • Protect PII, private emails, and other confidential data by locating and changing over-exposed groups
  • Safeguard against user error by automatically reverting any group accidentally created with public settings by end-users
  • Reinforce established groups policies by automatically notifying users when groups are overexposed

Audit, Update, and Enforce: How to Avoid This Preventable Google Groups Data Exposure

Simplify Operations

Smoothly manage operations for groups across applications through one console

  • Establish automated policies that ensure the right users are in the right groups based on a user’s title, department, location, or manager
  • Receive alerts when groups across applications have been empty over an extended period of time
  • Maintain an organized environment by automatically removing empty groups and consolidating redundant groups on a one-off basis

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