External Access

By 2020, 50% of the US workforce will be freelancers. In this growing “freelance economy,” providing external users the level of access they need for the limited time they need it is crucial for minimizing security risk.

Control Access

Easily control how much access contractors and freelancers have to your SaaS environment.

  • Limit contractors’ access to confidential channels, groups, and documents with automated policies
  • Set a date and time to run your automated offboarding policy, ensuring contractors’ access is shut off when their project is complete
  • Effortlessly share files, assign licenses, or update a freelancer’s profile information across applications through a centralized action engine

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Secure Access to Groups and Files

Limit external user access to corporate data by regulating which files and groups can be shared with external users

  • Gain visibility into groups and the external users inside of them to rein in external access to sensitive data
  • Digitally enforce policies that determine which groups can have external members and which must remain private
  • Configure push alerts that let IT know any time a file is shared externally or external users are added to a group
  • Prevent sensitive data leakage by enforcing a policy that automatically retrieves externally shared files

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Effortless Lifecycle Management

Don’t let external users slip through the cracks. With automated onboarding and offboarding policies, you can ensure contractors get only what they need for the time they need it.

  • Enhance security by automatically restricting a contractor’s access to the specific length of time needed
  • Defend against points of entry for a data breach by ensuring no one outside of your domain maintains access to sensitive data
  • Gain visibility into all contractors who currently have access to your applications and what data they can view and manage
  • Confirm contractors have been fully offboarded and their licenses recovered

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