Data Loss Prevention

In the age of breaches, protecting sensitive data in your domain is more critical than ever. Using BetterCloud you can prevent data leakage, malicious or accidental, by enforcing strong Data Loss Prevention and file sharing policies.

Revert Dangerous Settings

Configure policies that discover and fix the settings for all files that are shared unsecurely and automatically prevent it in the future.

  • Gain visibility by running an audit to find all files in your domain are publicly shared so you can take action as necessary
  • Limit data exposure by setting up event detectors to flag any files in your domain that are publicly available on the internet
  • Manage file sharing settings across SaaS applications in real-time and create policies that automatically enforce your guidelines
  • Maintain compliance by protecting information related to industry requirements or regulations

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Frictionless Data Security

Enforce consistent data sharing policies without slowing down users’ access to applications.

  • Enforce file sharing policies via API, rather than proxy, which enables IT to revert sharing violations without slowing down applications
  • Search data by attributes like file type, name, content, and owner to enact precise file sharing policies that won’t create business interruptions
  • Swiftly grant users and groups access to the files they need using a centralized Action Engine
  • Save time by managing all file sharing settings through one interface, including locking files, adding collaborators, sharing folders, or transferring ownership

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Prevent Data Loss

Detect where sensitive data exists in your SaaS applications, then safeguard it.

  • Search for and lock down files containing PII, credit card numbers, social security numbers, or particular keywords deemed confidential to prevent data leakage
  • Employ a data-loss policy that proactively reverts new or updated documents containing sensitive data to proper settings
  • Prevent the fallout of a data breach, like loss of customer trust, reputational damage or legal costs, by automating data-loss policies
  • Maintain compliance by protecting specific types of information related to industry, legal requirements or regulations

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