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Stories From the Field

Rose Layton

“Thanks to BetterCloud, we’re not going to be in the news for accidentally leaving sensitive data exposed.”

Strategic Technology Partner at Strada Education Network

Rose Layton led a team that successfully completed four major technology initiatives during the past year while also keeping a service desk up and running and handling routine system administrator tasks.

In addition to setting up a unified helpdesk and universal directory and two Office 365 to G Suite migrations, Layton facilitated the launch of the Slack Enterprise Grid and its integration with BetterCloud. Her efforts significantly contributed to modernizing the technology used by 800 people.

Strategic Technology Partner at Strada Education Network

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Colleen Alaimo

“I consider BetterCloud to be my fourth team member.”

IT Director at Excella Consulting

Colleen Alaimo is an automation pioneer. She created 13 custom integrations to streamline onboarding and offboarding workflows. In doing so, she reduced onboarding and offboarding from 2-3 hours across 17 applications down to a mere 10 seconds. Her initiatives protected users and data and increased productivity.

Hichem Ben Marzoug

“SaaSOps is huge! BetterCloud is a key pillar of the new digital workplace.”

IT Manager at Getaround

Hichem Ben Marzoug leads the two-person IT team at Getaround, a peer-to-peer car-sharing service. In addition to managing the SaaS ecosystem of a 150-person startup and its “fleet” of networked devices for the last three years, Ben Marzoug has been charged with ensuring a seamless transition of users, data, and devices from Drivy to an acquiring parent company, Getaround, this past summer. His responsibilities included a complex set of Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and Zendesk policies and data, some of which dated back eight years.

Steve Galinsky

“BetterCloud is like having a one-stop shop for data protection.”

Senior System Engineer at Blue Apron

Steve Galinsky was an early adopter of SaaSOps practices. Using BetterCloud, he created 60 workflows and several custom connectors to streamline offboarding from apps such as Google, Box, Office 365, Slack, Tableau, Smartsheet, Lucidchart, and JumpCloud, altogether automating 47,000 actions to date.

Simon Duffey

“BetterCloud enables IT to massively scale.”

Senior IT Manager at FinancialForce

Simon Duffey has created upwards of 292 workflows, including automated actions that are triggered when an event occurs, such as a department change in G Suite.

In addition to the five native BetterCloud connectors to Salesforce, Office 365, Zendesk, Slack, and G Suite, Duffey built custom connectors to apps like DocuSign, LastPass, Zoom, and Duo. These integrations reduced onboarding and offboarding from approximately one hour to just 10 seconds. They also minimized the time it now takes to make mid-lifecycle changes as job responsibilities shift, and employees are promoted and assume new roles.
Over time, Duffey has automated more than half a million actions. All told, currently he saves about 100 hours a month in automating manual tasks that once required the attention of a member of IT.

J. Scott Allen

Technical Lead for Google Services at Global Payments

J. Scott Allen has improved the digital experience for Global Payments’ 10,000 employees. He created more than 150 workflows using almost 200 different templates and automated more than 200,000 diverse actions. He also set up alerts to keep IT abreast of all the changes happening across the company’s SaaS environments. After he made his original job as an external contractor redundant, he was brought on board as a full-time employee to continue the drive for SaaSOps excellence.

“The beauty of BetterCloud is that it works in the background, protecting data and making user management far more efficient.”

Emanuele Sparvoli

“With BetterCloud, I don’t have to choose between saying no to our employees and putting the organization at risk. There is a third way that offers both security and freedom of choice.”

Head of IT at Intercom

Emanuele Sparvoli leads an IT team that’s passionate about giving new hires an extraordinary experience without sacrificing security and productivity. His team believes in empowering employees with the applications–including SaaS apps like G Suite, Okta, Dropbox, Slack–and tools they need to make an impact from day one. SaaS supercharges employee productivity, but it’s Sparvoli’s team’s job to make sure the millions of user interactions within these SaaS applications are secure. BetterCloud is the platform their team uses to find that security balance and automate the onboarding workflows that allow employees to hit the ground running at their fast-growing company.

Dartanian Richards

IT Support Engineer II at Thumbtack

Dartanian Richards is a self-described SaaS ninja. Although the IT team at Thumbtack was initially overwhelmed by manual processes, he’s saved hundreds of hours every month and increased productivity by managing SaaS applications more effectively. 

With BetterCloud, he automated enough repetitive IT tasks to equal an estimated 5 or 6 additional employees. For example, he created a 17-step offboarding workflow to complete a process that used to take 3 hours in a few minutes. 

“BetterCloud gives us visibility into our files and licenses without having to constantly monitor them.” 

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