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State of SaaSOps


Ever feel like IT is the duct tape holding everything together?

You're juggling an ever-expanding ecosystem of SaaS apps, battling security threats, and somehow making it all work with limited resources. We hear you.

That's why data is your ultimate advantage. We're talking real-world insights into the challenges your fellow IT pros face daily in the trenches of SaaSOps.

Building on a decade of insights from tens of thousands of IT professionals, BetterCloud presents the 11th annual "State of SaaSOps" report. This year, we found a critical trend: tighter budgets colliding with higher expectations.

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Here's what you'll find inside:

The pressure cooker of consolidation: How IT teams are feeling the squeeze to do more with less.

The top concern for IT? Data protection and securing SaaS applications.

How automation can be a powerful tool for managing SaaS effectively and the significant business benefits it can bring.

The future of SaaSOps: Get a glimpse into what's next for managing SaaS at scale.

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Feeling the IT squeeze? You’re not alone.

Don't miss out! Join David Politis, Founder and Executive Chairman of BetterCloud, July 24 at 3PM ET/11AM PT to unpack the top challenges facing IT in 2024 (managing skyrocketing software license costs, fortifying your environment, and keeping up with the operational grind).