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Ten years ago, SaaS skeptics urged the world not to move to the cloud. They were nervous about storing data on servers and systems they didn’t control.

Today, the situation has reversed entirely. Now IT teams are nervous about storing data on-prem—relying on SaaS providers to secure their applications.

Today's challenge is different: companies need a way to secure how their apps are used. How do you ensure users don’t mistakenly or nefariously expose data? How can you achieve the right balance between user productivity and security?

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We'll tackle:

  • Defining SaaSOps and how modern IT teams are adopting it
  • Why modern IT teams are turning to automation to solve challenges
  • How companies can secure their data by securing user interactions

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David Politis

Founder & CEO, BetterCloud

David Politis is the founder and CEO of BetterCloud, the first SaaSOps Platform. David’s entire career has been dedicated to improving the modern workplace through innovative, next-generation cloud (SaaS) technology. His extensive industry experience and thought leadership give him unique foresight into the future of cloud management and security. His contributions have been featured in TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat, Forbes, The New York Times, and more.

Mitch Greenwald

Founder, Cloudbakers

Mitch Greenwald is the founder and CEO of Cloudbakers, bringing the cloud down the Earth. Mitch has been an active participant in the “growing up” of technology. From programming mini-computers and PC applications early on, to web-based environments including infrastructure and security, today his focus is the cloud. He is passionate about leveraging technology to increase the value of businesses and to help them focus more on their mission. He is equally passionate about building great teams and forging strong relationships.

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That Should Keep 
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A discussion with industry veterans on the state of IT and security

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