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Together, Okta and BetterCloud provide unique and complementary systems of controls around managing identity and security operations for SaaS applications.

The BetterCloud Connector for Okta automates user lifecycle management and helps organizations reduce exposure to security vulnerabilities. Pairing BetterCloud with Okta automates the entire onboarding and offboarding process across SaaS applications, protects sensitive data, ensures compliance with regulations, and saves valuable IT hours. Security teams can also quickly view critical alerts, activity, and extended user information from the Okta Identity Cloud and take immediate action across Okta and other related SaaS applications.

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  • Learn how together, Okta and BetterCloud modernize IT with complete automated offboarding for SaaS configuration & settings and protect against security breaches with continuous security monitoring and automated policy remediation.
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  • Learn from Okta + BetterCloud customer success stories

Mohammed Khalid is a Principal Solutions Engineer at BetterCloud helping prospects, customers, and technical partners improve SaaS operations and security. Mohammed is a veteran solutions engineer with more than nine years of experience working with enterprise SaaS solutions and growing the solutions engineering function globally within organizations. He has worked closely with many Fortune 50 organizations to solve technical challenges and drive business value from their technologies.

Mohammed Khalid

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Thursday, March 14, 2019
12pm ET

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 “Even if you use Okta for deprovisioning, it can’t do everything you need to do. BetterCloud picks up where Okta leaves off." 
- Ryan Donnon, First Round Capital

Did You Know: 
Okta & BetterCloud Have You Covered from Secure Connections to Secure Interactions?

Principal Solutions Engineer, BetterCloud

Did You Know: 
Okta & BetterCloud Have You Covered from Secure Connections to Secure Interactions?