The IT Guide to SaaSOps and Management

A first-of-its-kind framework to help you manage and secure the SaaS applications in your environment  

What's Inside

  • 7 key challenges often faced in SaaS environments
  • A deep dive into why each step in the framework is critical in managing your SaaS environment
  • Examples of what transformative and enlightened IT environments look like

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The shift to SaaS is no longer a trend—it has rapidly become the new operational reality. While SaaS helps organizations meet ever-evolving demand, the need for comprehensive management and operational SaaS security has become strikingly clear.

In this eBook, we introduce the SaaS Application Management and Security Framework™, the first framework of its kind. By implementing this six-part framework, IT can secure its data and gain an unprecedented level of control and clarity over its SaaS environment.