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We all know that external actors pose a significant security threat, but so do insidersemployees, contractors, and other users within your organization.

In today's digital workplace, users are accessing, sharing, and exposing sensitive SaaS data in new ways you might not even be aware of—and it's happening more frequently. 

Join BetterCloud's CISO Carlos Batista and Principal Solutions Engineer Mohammed Khalid for this must-see webinar. They'll discuss how BetterCloud can help you stay ahead of insider threats and safeguard your most critical data.

You'll learn:

  • Four commonly overlooked insider threats in the digital workplace
  • Real-life stories of SaaS data exposure, ripped from the headlines
  • How to detect and mitigate insider threats using BetterCloud
  • Best practices and tips for managing insider threats

Watch the Webinar

Watch the Webinar 

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4 Insider Threats That Should Keep You Up at Night

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Carlos Batista

CISO, BetterCloud

Carlos Batista has 20 years' experience in the information security space. As BetterCloud's CISO, he oversees all aspects of security, including strategy and program management, product security, security operations, risk & compliance, and information technology (IT). Prior to BetterCloud, Carlos was at SunTrust Bank where he served in numerous cybersecurity leadership roles, most recently as SVP, Secure Design & Engineering. There, he was responsible for ensuring all SunTrust technology efforts were designed, developed, and deployed securely. Carlos also worked overseas for General Electric, leading product security within one of its global energy businesses. 

Mohammed Khalid

Principal Solutions Engineer, BetterCloud

Mohammed Khalid is a principal solutions engineer at BetterCloud enabling prospects, customers, and technical partners to be efficient with our SaaS Operations Management platform. Mohammed is a veteran solutions engineer with more than nine years of experience working with enterprise SaaS solutions and growing the solutions engineering function globally within organizations. He has worked closely with many Fortune 50 organizations demonstrating the business and technical value of technologies to alleviate their challenges.

4 Insider Threats 
That Should Keep 
You Up at Night