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Identifying and Eliminating Employee Offboarding Inefficiencies and Security Threats

Offboarding for IT is a vital operation for any organization. But performing the process the wrong way can turn a routine "checklist" task into a serious complication.

Offboarding without any semblance of strategy is sheer negligence and will lead to productivity losses, security breaches, compliance concerns, or excessive costs (many times, it's all of these issues combined).


Today, deprovisioning is made more complicated by the growing number of SaaS applications that IT must control, and the ease with which sensitive data can be accessed and inadvertently or maliciously shared.


Organizations can no longer treat this critical operation with indifference. This whitepaper is the best guide yet to get you started down the path toward secure and orchestrated offboarding - introducing new speed and precision to the process.

What's Inside:

  • 3 reasons modern day offboarding is getting more complex
  • A problem and solution section dedicated to the 4 biggest improper offboarding threats
  • An outline of the 5 major benefits of orchestrated offboarding to help you make the case for automation

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