Conquering Compliance

  • The 7 steps to successful compliance
  • Guidance on which regulations might apply to your org
  • IT tools that can help control privacy and data security risks
  • Key SaaSOps functions that help every organization with compliance

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  • How to evaluate SaaS apps in four stages
  • 45 questions to consider when choosing a new app
  • A spreadsheet template to keep your process organized
  • Bonus: 6 things to look for in a secure SaaS vendor

What's inside:

A Guide for Security and Data Privacy in the Era of SaaS

What does compliance mean for IT? 

With easy-to-understand language and examples, this eBook breaks it down. 

Learn how IT professionals can help conquer compliance—without blowing the budget—in the era of SaaS.

What does compliance mean for IT? And how do you achieve it in the digital workplace?

Learn how IT and SaaSOps professionals can conquer compliance in the era of SaaS.

What's inside the guide: