Enabling Google Apps resellers to serve their customers better every day.

FlashPanel Reseller Console

Google Apps resellers have been integral to the success of Google Apps, and we’re proud to be the first company building software specifically for the needs of this growing segment of exciting companies.

We’ve worked with dozens of top resellers around the world to build this product, and we believe that the insights and features provided by the FlashPanel Reseller Console will help every reseller to better serve their customers.

The Console is also the only tool on the market that gives customers of resellers the ability to add Google Apps seats.

The Console allows resellers to:

  • Easily setup new accounts, even those with special pricing terms
  • Proactively monitor customer accounts & add storage & licenses where needed
  • Identify training opportunities based on below average usage rates
  • Receive notifications regarding upcoming customer account renewals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the FlashPanel Reseller Console replace the Google Apps Reseller Console?

Yes, it does. You can choose to use both simultaneously, but the FlashPanel Reseller Console offers you all of the same features and more. The only exception is customers who don’t exist in your own reseller console (i.e. offline orders) cannot add seats through FlashPanel.

Why would I use the FlashPanel Reseller Console instead of the Google Apps Reseller Console?

The FlashPanel Reseller Console allows your customers to purchase licenses automatically through you by using FlashPanel. You no longer need to take orders by email or phone, they will just show up in your reseller account.

Additionally, you will get visibility into how engaged your customers are with Google Apps (even see how active customers on trials have been), and notifications for customers that are coming close to their storage limits so that you can be more proactive.

You can also get better visibility into upcoming renewals and other statistics about your customer base.

Sounds great, when can I start using it?

Right now! Just click “Get Access Today” above and fill out our short Google Form, then we’ll be in touch to complete the install process with you.