See what's really happening in your SaaS applications.

BetterCloud makes sense of the massive amounts of operational data generated by SaaS applications, helping you improve
IT efficiency and service delivery.


Quickly separate signal from noise

Custom and pre-built alerts trigger in real-time, allowing you to immediately detect the incidents and issues you care about most. Alerts can be sent anywhere, including email, mobile device, and any external system via webhooks.

Operational Insights

Enrich SaaS events with data and suggested remediation

BetterCloud enhances alerts with context and delivers operational outputs, making alerts understandable and actionable. IT can remediate issues and fix anomalies in the SaaS environment with a single click or automated workflow.


Seamlessly generate reports and set proactive measures to prevent future incidents

BetterCloud provides custom reporting along with 30+ pre-built report templates to identify anomalies among users, groups, or files. IT can schedule reports to run on a set cadence and surface historical or on-going policy violations, including HIPAA, FISMA, and PII.

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