Unified view of users' activity, data and privileges across applications.

BetterCloud ingests in-depth content and metadata from your SaaS applications in real-time and makes it possible to visualize and search across your entire SaaS environment.

User 360

View users’ activity, files, and privileges across applications

User 360 provides a comprehensive view of a user’s profile, all direct & indirectly connected applications, privileges, recent activity, alerts, data, and group memberships. IT can take action on an individual user directly from a User 360 profile, performing tasks such as profile modification, file permission changes, application privilege changes, group membership changes and more.

Directory Management

Get root access to the objects in your SaaS applications

BetterCloud centralizes all users, groups, files, and third-party applications into grids, giving you visibility across the data objects in your environment. BetterCloud’s Directory and Data Management grids create a unified view of data objects, empowering IT with root access to the information stored across SaaS applications.


Search, sort, and filter large data sets by attribute to uncover specific data objects

BetterCloud has 30+ attributes that you can filter and sort your data by, enabling teams to quickly and easily sift through hundreds of millions of objects in their environment in seconds. There’s a search bar available throughout the platform to locate users, groups, and files by name across applications.

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