Two Cybersecurity Experts Share Their Secrets to an Effective Insider Threats Program

While cybercriminals, hacktivists, and ransomware often make a big splash in the news headlines, the reality is that the biggest security threat is right in front of you.

Insiders — people already in your organization — pose a pervasive security risk, whether their behavior is malicious or accidental. A McAfee report found that insiders are responsible for 43% of all data loss, and according to the Ponemon Institute, data breaches caused by insiders are increasing in frequency and cost.

In this webinar, BetterCloud's VP of Security Carlos Batista and Senior Security Architect Austin Whipple will discuss why insider threats are one of the top security concerns for all organizations. In addition to offering tips and guidance on how to implement a robust insider threats program, they’ll cover best practices for keeping sensitive data safe. They’ll also share an exclusive preview of the findings from our 2018 Insider Threats Survey (stay tuned for the full research report in February).

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why insiders, not outsiders, should be one of your top security priorities
  • Actionable tips on building a robust insider threats program
  • Best practices for detecting and preventing insider threats
  • Which actor poses the biggest threat, according to 500+ IT professionals

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Carlos Batista

VP of Security

Carlos Batista, BetterCloud’s VP of security, has 20 years of experience in the information security space. As VP of security, Carlos oversees all aspects of security, including strategy and program management, product security, security operations, risk & compliance, and physical security. Prior to BetterCloud, Carlos was at SunTrust Bank where he served in numerous cybersecurity leadership roles, most recently as SVP, Secure Design & Engineering. There, he was responsible for ensuring all SunTrust technology efforts were designed, developed, and deployed securely. Carlos also worked overseas for General Electric, leading product security within one of its global energy businesses.

Austin Whipple

Senior Security Architect

Austin Whipple is a senior security architect at BetterCloud, where he’s responsible for BetterCloud security, from application to infrastructure to people. Austin has expertise in social engineering, application security, phishing, and penetration testing. Prior to BetterCloud, Austin was a senior security analyst at Bishop Fox, a global information security consulting firm. In this role, he focused on application security assessments, source code reviews, and secure software design. In 2018, he obtained his Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification, the industry’s most respected penetration testing certification, as well as his (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification.