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Top 10 Most Popular Features in FlashPanel Enterprise


March 27, 2014

< 1 minute read

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1. Streamline new user provisioning and never miss a step by following the guided workflow, making sure to add new users to the appropriate Org. Unit and groups.

2. Update users’ profiles in bulk using a spreadsheet to fill in missing information and save time.

3. Apply an email signature to all users on your domain to ensure professionalism and brand consistency.

4. Schedule a password policy to ensure periodic resets and increased data security.

5. Enforce Drive sharing policies to auto-correct documents that are shared publicly or against your organization’s policy.

6. Audit third-party applications that end users have installed and authenticated on your domain, then approve or revoke access using Apps Explorer.

7. Delegate granular administrative access to non-admin users on your domain by creating access controls. Consider starting with the helpdesk or HR department.

8. Build custom reports to gain insights into user adoption, collaboration, and security on your domain.

9. Utilize the deprovisioning workflow to thoroughly transfer all of a departing user’s assets and delete the account.

10. Grant full access to a user’s inbox to another user or admin using the email delegation tool, especially helpful for a shared inbox or executive assistant.

FlashPanel Enterprise provides tools for managing your domain in bulk, monitoring and managing collaboration, automating repetitive tasks, and deep insights into how your users operate in Google Apps.