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BetterCloud Launches Apps Explorer for FlashPanel to Provide Third-Party App Monitoring

BetterCloud Monitor

November 21, 2013

2 minute read

FlashPanel Apps Explorer Home

For organizations operating on the Google Apps platform, Google sits the core of enterprise user identity. And with 5,000 organizations signing up for Google Enterprise products everyday, this trend is accelerating rapidly. Using their Google identity, users and admins alike can install thousands of mobile and web applications through the Google Apps Marketplace, Chrome Web Store, Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store and others. With so much variety, the IT department’s need for visibility into and control over the applications users are installing is paramount.

To further our mission of empowering Google Apps administrators and shed light on possible shadow IT in the workplace, we’ve launched Apps Explorer for FlashPanel. Apps Explorer is the first and only feature of its kind to make use of Google’s newly released security management features for their Directory API within the Admin SDK.

FlashPanel - Apps Explorer Home

Apps Explorer allows IT administrators to closely examine all applications installed by other admins or end users requiring access to Google Apps data, specifically giving IT administrators the ability to:

    • View applications installed from the Google Apps Marketplace, Chrome Web Store Google Play Store, Apple’s App store and elsewhere by end users requiring access to Google Apps login information


    • View exposures and potential vulnerabilities based on level of permissions granted: Read and / or Write to Google Drive, Gmail, Directory and more


    • View application usage as determined by counts of authorizations from both end users and domain administrators


  • Once discovered, administrators can whitelist or blacklist applications on a user by user or domain-wide basis. After an application is blacklisted, permissions to access Google Apps domain data are automatically revoked.

FlashPanel Apps Explorer Whitelist - Blacklist

In the coming weeks and months, we plan to release compliance and security policies for third-party applications along with several other enhancements. As always, we look forward to your feedback. Please email any questions, concerns or comments to Apps Explorer is available in limited release. To request access to the Beta, contact

For a step-by-step guide to Apps Explorer, visit the BetterCloud Help Center.