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You Can Finally Customize (Most of) the Apps in Your App Launcher

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For many Google Apps users, App Launcher is their most frequently accessed tool after Gmail. If your most used apps were not one of the featured top 12 in the App Launcher, you used to have to scroll to the bottom and then click “more” and then scroll down some more to find them. With the newest update, Google has made it easier to access the apps you use most frequently.

Now you can drag and drop the app icons within the App Launcher to tailor it to your liking. Once customized, clicking that three-by-three grid will pull up the apps you want to see. For those of you that value your time, this update can do wonders for increasing your efficiency. But for a few of you this update won’t get the job done, because you still can not customize the positioning of your Marketplace apps.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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