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With This Extension, You Are One Click Away From Sharing that Awesome Webpage

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Shareable content is in style.

Whether you want to share that YouTube video your friend must see, a Buzzfeed article that describes your feelings perfectly, or an insightful article your co-workers would appreciate, sharing content is simplified with the Send by Gmail Chrome Extension.

The Send by Gmail Chrome Extension allows you to share a link with the click of a button. Once your Gmail account is connected, your shareable link is automatically pasted in a new message with the subject line and message complete. All you have to do is type in the recipient and click send. Check out the video above and the steps below to follow along.

  • In the Chrome Web Store, search “Send from Gmail.”
  • Select first extension result called “Send from Gmail (By Google).”
  • Select Add to Chrome.
  • This button will appear in the top right corner of your browser and a pop out menu will alert you that this is the new extension.
  • Once you’ve found an article you want to share, click the extension button.
  • Your Gmail account will appear in a new window.
  • Once you’re in Gmail, the extension will automatically open a new email message with the title of the article in the subject line and the link to the article in the body of the message.
  • Type in the email addresses you’d like to send the link to, and click Send!

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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