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Use Office 365 on Any Device: iPhone, Android, iPad, and More

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With Office 365 for business, you can access your email and files from virtually any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Find the section below for the device you’re using and learn how to access and install Office 365.

PC or Mac

At any time, you can sign in to your Office 365 account using any modern web browser and access your email, calendar, and more, including the online version of Office software like Word and Excel. If you’re using a computer that you own or administer, and have an Office 365 plan that supports it, you can install Office 2013/2016 apps.


Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are available on the App Store. Check out this page for more.

Android phone

You can install Office Mobile for Android to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are available on the App Store.

Windows Phone

Lucky you–Office Mobile, OneNote, and Outlook are already installed on your device.

Windows 8 tablet

To use Office 365 web apps, sign in to your Office 365 account. To install the latest version of Office, go to Settings (gear) -> Office 365 settings -> Software and select Phone & tablet. From there, you should choose Windows 8 tablet.

Windows RT device

Windows RT comes with Office. Follow these instructions to use Office 365 using your Windows RT device.


Use Office Online, set up email, or open a SharePoint site on your Blackberry.

Nokia (Symbian OS) phone

Follow these instructions to use Office 365 on your Nokia (Symbian OS) phone.

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