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Unified storage Quota across Gmail and Google Drive

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If you’ve been paying attention to the announcements from the Google Apps team, you probably knew that a unified storage quota across Gmail and Google Drive was upcoming.

Well, the Google Apps team sent an email yesterday (5/30) to Google Apps Admins, notifying them that the change would be coming in the next few days for Rapid Release users (actually starting 5/28), and in the next few weeks for Scheduled Release users (beginning 6/11).

Instead of allocating 25GB for Gmail and 5GB for Drive, Google Apps users will now have 30GB of storage across both platforms, also including Google+ photos.

Here’s how the changes will affect your domain, according to yesterdays email:

  • 30GB of included storage for each user that can be used across Gmail, Drive and Google+ Photos.
  • Users who needed extra storage under the old plans may no longer require it. For example, a Gmail user with just 3GB of email stored will be able to store up to 27GB of files in Drive without a need to license additional storage.
  • Gmail inboxes are no longer limited to 25GB. Each user can store up to 16TB of email by purchasing additional storage licenses.
  • When a user approaches their storage quota, additional storage should still be purchased to ensure Drive and Gmail operate as usual.
  • Files created in Docs, Sheets and Slides, as well as photos in Google+ smaller than 2048px, won’t count against storage quota (like before).

If you want some more information about adding storage to your domain, check out this support article from Google.

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