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Turn Google Apps Services On or Off by Organizational Units (OUs)

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Turning Google Apps services on and off for specific users or groups of users is a request we’ve seen quite a bit recently, especially with the introduction of Google+ into Google Apps. For a complete guide on enabling Google+ for your Google Apps domain, check out our related video here –


Turning services on and off by Organizational Units is very simple:

  1. From the Control Panel, click “Organizations and Users”
  2. For your entire organization, and for each organizational unit, you’ll see two tabs, “Users” and “Services”
  3. To turn Services on and off for your entire domain, make sure you have selected the parent group of the entire organization tree
  4. To turn Services on and off for any of your organizational units, select that unit in the org tree, and then go to the Services tab
  5. You can select “Override this setting” to choose a setting different from the parent unit. By default the settings will be inherited from the parent unit
  6. If you want to revert back to the old settings, simply click “Inherit this setting” again

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