Split your inbox into multiple sections using Gmail’s “Multiple Inboxes” Lab. You can specify what type of email you want to appear in each inbox, such as drafts, sent mail, or a certain label, in the mail settings interface.

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6 thoughts on “Top Gmail Labs – Multiple Inboxes

  1. Geri Reply

    I see in this example that your new inbox is for “marketing”. Google has already established background info for “inbox” and “starred” and “drafts” so how do I get it to recognize “awaiting response”?


    • Google Gooru Post authorReply

      Hey Geri,

      Thanks for your comment! If I understand your question correctly, what you need to do is create a label called “Awaiting Response” and then create an entry for that label in the Multiple Inboxes tab inside of your email settings. I believe both “is:awaiting response” and “label:awaiting response” work.

      Then, go back to your inbox and you should see the “Awaiting Response” section. You may need to do a hard refresh of the page (Ctrl+Shift+R).

      Also one important thing to note, if you want to shift the multiple inboxes around like I do in the beginning of this video, you need to set your Inbox Type to “Classic”.

      Let me know how that goes for you!

      Google Gooru

  2. Sarah Reply


    Would you know why Google won’t let me edit my Multiple Inboxes settings? When I click into the settings tab for Multiple Inboxes, the “save changes” box will not become active no matter what I do. I can’t get rid of them or change them…been very perplexed and haven’t found an answer anywhere.


  3. Google Gooru Post authorReply

    Hey Sarah – that’s definitely strange, have you tested in all three major browsers and gotten the same result? Feel free to follow up with me via email (gooru at gooruvideos dot com)

  4. Noble Reply

    how to set multiple inbox for important mails i tried is:imp but doesnt work

  5. Melissa Frost Reply

    Once I create my multiple inboxes, is there a way for the emails to stop replicating into the main inbox? There are duplicates everywhere and I cannot figure out how to get the emails to stay in their respective folders or their respective inboxes. They come into the inbox, but also appear in a main category above the inboxes that is filled with emails that have already been assigned to folders.

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