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Too Distracted by Emails? Hide Your Gmail Inbox (Or Even Lock Yourself Out)

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Email can be distracting—even addicting. A new Chrome extension, Inbox When Ready, lets you access your Gmail inbox when, well, you’re ready. It’ll hide your inbox and even lock you out of it, so that you can focus on your work and not get distracted by incessant emails. 

  • Head to the Chrome Web Store and search for Inbox When Ready. Click Add to Chrome to install it.
  • Head back to Gmail.

Inbox When Ready 1

  • This is your new default view in Gmail—it’s completely empty because your inbox is hidden!
  • This is a huge boon for some people looking to add a little more productivity into their lives. With a default hidden email inbox, you can leave yourself free to focus on more important tasks.

Inbox When Ready 2_with callout

  • If you ever decide you need to see your inbox, just click on the “Show Inbox” button in the upper left-hand corner.
  • If you really want to break your email addiction, Inbox When Ready can literally lock you out of your Gmail inbox so that you cannot access it. To do so, click on the three dots in the upper-right hand corner of your Chrome browser > Settings to enter your Chrome settings > Extensions > scroll down to the Inbox When Ready extension > Options > check the Enable Inbox Lockout box.

Inbox When Ready 3

  • You can select a date and time where you really will be locked out of your inbox—the “Show Inbox” button won’t even be present. So for instance, you could uncheck everything except Sunday, if you wanted to start training yourself to ignore your email account on Sunday. If you were to save this option, as long as the extension was installed, you would not be able to view your inbox during the designated hours on Sunday.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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