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Tips for Teachers: Power Commenting in Google Docs

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This video was brought to you by Kevin Brookhouser: Google Apps Certified Trainer

While this video about comments in Google Docs was designed for teachers, it can be applied to anyone who uses Drive as their default document suite and is a heavy user of comments.

If you’re making dozens of comments per assignment, you can shave minutes (even hours) off your workload by implementing these easy to use keyboard shortcuts.

1.) Select a passage, paragraph, sentence or word that you want to comment on

2.) To insert a comment:

  • Chrome or PC users – CTRL + ALT + M
  • Mac users – Option + Command + M

Keep in mind that if you don’t press actually make the comment, your changes inside the comment box will not be saved (unlike automatic saved changes for the rest of Google Drive).

3.) Use the keyboard shortcut to submit the comment:

  • Chrome, PC or Mac – CTRL + Enter

4.) Find the list of Keyboard Shortcuts using a keyboard shortcut:

  • Chrome or PC – Ctrl + /
  • Mac – Command + /

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