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This Will Make Your Emails More Professional

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How to send more professional emails in Gmail

Are you getting the respect you deserve in the workplace? There are many factors that can lead to not being taken seriously by your co-workers and many of them are more subtle that you realize.

Starting an email with “Sorry but..” or “Do you think that maybe you could…” may seem polite but they can also give off the impression that you aren’t serious or assertive about your request.

This is a complex issue ingrained in culture and human nature, but there is now a Chrome Extension that is trying to solve it. As you compose emails, the Just Not Sorry extension (link) will highlight words or phrases that may come off as unprofessional or “meek” and suggest a more confident sounding replacement. So, if you don’t mind, would you maybe try it out for yourself? Try it out yourself to see how you can make your emails more professional.

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