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The Modern Meeting in Office 365

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In today’s workplace, the traditional meeting just doesn’t cut it anymore. Co-workers and clients are spread across the globe in remote offices and workers do business on phones and tablets while traveling between cities. Thanks to the modern meeting, in-person collaboration doesn’t have to take place “in-person” at all.

Creating a modern meeting is easy using the intuitive tools in Office 365. You can reply directly to an email with a Skype meeting, attach notes from OneNote, find the perfect time for every participant to meet in Outlook< Calendar, and even assign tasks when your meeting is finished from a task list in OneNote that you can easy migrate to an email message in Outlook. Office 365 applications work seamlessly together to create meetings that are engaging, dynamic, and worthy of everyone’s valuable time.

Watch a demonstration above of the modern meeting that presents these tasks across Office 365 applications.

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