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The Best Office 365 Sessions From Microsoft Ignite 2015

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Ignite 2015 is over, but luckily Microsoft’s Channel 9 has cataloged a comprehensive set of videos of the Ignite sessions.

Here are some of our favorites that focus on Office 365:

Reinventing Productivity with Office 365 (AKA Next generation Office 365 Controls, Extensibility and Team Productivity)

With information sharing and mobility increasing in the advent of people networks and team collaboration,security threats are rising too. We need to rethink how we enable and protect the modern work environment. This means new opportunities and challenges for developers and IT to provide integrated and secure collaboration experiences with modern tools and pervasive automated controls to protect data everywhere it resides. It also means new investments in transparency and integration with service APIs that provide unique visibility on the activity with your data, allowing for more custom solutions. (Note: we posted our key takeaways from this Ignite session.) [200 level]

Tame Your Inbox: Clutter in Office 365

This session begins with an examination of the Clutter feature for your inbox in Office 365. See how Clutter applies machine learning to address the “information overload” problem by allowing them to focus on what’s important and keep focus on what’s important to them. The session also highlights the advanced controls to help meet customer requirements. [300 level]

Microsoft Office 365 Groups Deep Dive

Office 365 Groups helps you collaborate by easily bringing together your colleagues and the applications you need to get work done. Office 365 Groups leverages a standard definition for team membership and permissions across Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and later Skype for Business, Yammer, and the rest of Office 365, managed through Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This session follows the introduction session “Microsoft Office 365 Groups Overview and Roadmap,” and covers the following topics: architecture, administration, security and compliance, and extensibility. [300 level]

Identity Management Is Easy in Office 365

User management and identity integration is easy in Office 365. In this session, we explain identity management concepts and describe the three identity models that you can use: cloud identity, synchronized identity, and federated identity. For cloud and synchronized identity, we share all you need to know to set these up, and demo how to configure them. For federated identity, we give you some high-level advice on how to scope the project, and point you in the right direction. We describe how you can switch between identity models and also give clear guidance about how to choose the right identity model for a given scenario or customer. [300 level]

Ten Ways to Secure Your Office 365 Tenants

Do you want to ensure that your data in Office 365 is protected? Then come to this session where we look at ten things to help you further secure the access to the data over and above the security already in Office 365. We demonstrate and discuss features such as data loss prevention (DLP), message encryption , rights management protection (RMS), multi-factor authentication (MFA), client security such as patching and MDM, sharing content internally and externally, network encryption (SSL), ADFS restrictions, and anti-spam settings. But there is more, and we plan to cover that too! [300 level]

How to Decide When to Use SharePoint and Yammer and Office 365 Groups and Outlook and Skype

Your users may struggle with these questions: Should I share a message via Skype for Business instead of Yammer, Office 365 Groups, or Exchange? Should I collaborate on data using an Excel sheet or a SharePoint list? Should I share a file in Outlook, in a meeting, from OneDrive for Business, on Yammer, in a Group, or in a SharePoint site? This session is the ‘How To’ user’s guide What happens when your users can’t decide what technology or feature to use? They use what they know, or what’s easy; even if better options exist. In this session, Richard and Kanwal help you maximize the value of your Office 365 investment by providing the guidance you need to help your users make better, more effective decisions on how they get work done. [200 Level]

Extending Microsoft Office 365 Visibility, Security and Compliance: Office 365 Management APIs

Whether you are an Office 365 admin or work in information security and compliance, you want to have a single view of what is happening across your entire enterprise. Are all my services healthy? Who is accessing my information? Are my security and compliance checks working? Who is using which of my services? In this session, learn about the Office 365 Management APIs and several solutions built on top of them, so that you can create your own or adopt one of our ISV partner solutions. [200 level]

And last but not least…

Microsoft Ignite Keynote

Join us to kick off Microsoft Ignite at the Keynote, where Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella takes the stage to outline Microsoft’s company strategy and how we are working hard to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Following on from Satya, engineering leaders from across Microsoft dive into our solutions and vision for enterprise technology. The Keynote not only outlines our strategy but helps make it real with demonstrations and actionable next steps for enterprise technologists to gain value from technology investments.

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