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The Art of the Screenshot in Office 365

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All good skills take some practice, and the art of the screenshot is an important skill to learn. Incorporating a screenshot or screen clipping into your documents is a skill for seasoned professionals. The screenshot or screen clipping is a great illustration to include in your documents to help explain and visually elaborate your written text.

There are varying levels of screenshot mastery: (on a Mac) there’s level one, the CTRL-Shift-3 command for a whole screen capture; level two, the CTRL-Shift-4 command to select a portion of the screen; and then level three, taking a screen shot within your Office 365 application.

If you’ve mastered level one and two, welcome to level three. This list of videos details how to take a screenshot within Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Once you’ve learned to take a screenshot within an application, several steps of including a screenshot in your documents are removed because your image is automatically added to your working document.

Making Your Data Pop in Excel

We’ve all heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Oftentimes, a screenshot can speak a thousand words and is the perfect addition to your Excel spreadsheet.

In Excel, including a screenshot in your spreadsheet can be useful for many reasons. If you want to capture a graph from an Outlook email to reference as you’re crunching numbers in Excel, taking a screen clipping of that graph can help keep all you need on one screen and in one window. Images are easy to place and move around in an Excel spreadsheet too, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally deleting data in a cell.

Emails are More Fun With Screenshots

This day in age, we consume a lot of content through emails. Email content exists in many forms such as traditional text to the memes that describe our feelings perfectly.

For instance, say you are trying to explain in an email how an Excel spreadsheet is organized, but you don’t necessarily need to share the file. Instead of struggling to find the words to describe the spreadsheet, a simple screenshot can take care of the typing.

Illustrate Your Words with a Screen Clipping

Ever need to pull in an image into your Word doc but don’t want to go through the hassle of taking the screenshot and then importing the screenshot into Word? You can insert a screenshot or screen clipping without having to leave your Word application.

Add a Screenshot Straight Into Your PowerPoint Slide

Tqo Easy Ways to Take Screenshots With OneNote

OneNote is the Swiss Army knife of note-taking, able to capture all different types of information and add it to a page. OneNote is not only able to handle images with ease, it can also actually take screenshots or screen clippings to insert into your notes.

The video above shows you two different methods of taking screen clippings with OneNote 2013, one using the ribbon inside of the app itself, and one using the Send to OneNote feature.

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