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Spell Check an Entire Google Doc

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If you’re a frequent user of Google Docs and Presentations, you’re familiar with the red line under your text that lets you know whenever you’ve made a spelling mistake. It’s great to make these changes as you go along, but what if you’re working on a really long document and you want to make all those changes at the end?

A recent update to Docs and Presentations (8/12) allows you to spell check all at once, so you can quickly fix these changes without disrupting your writing.

The new spell check features takes you through all of your errors one-by-one, from the beginning of your document until the end. There are also options to fix errors in bulk, ignore errors or add a word to your dictionary.

To spell check your entire document:

  1. Go to Tools
  2. Spelling

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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