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Meet The iPhone Feature That Google is Adding into Email

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Google will soon be able to respond to your emails for you. Sound scary? It’s not.

Google just announced Smart Reply for Inbox by Gmail, which will give you 3 responses to choose from when responding an email if you don’t feel like typing out a response yourself. This is very similar to the predictive texting available in iOS, but rather than individual words, Google will be serving you complete replies. The response options are based on the content of the email you are sent as well as your past email responses you have sent.

For example, if you are sent an email saying “Can you meet up after work?” Inbox may give you optional replies such as “Sure, I’d love to!”, “No, sorry I am busy.” and “Possibly. What time were you thinking?” By looking at the way you type, the responses should sound exactly like something you would write yourself. This will be great for saving time on responses you find yourself typing out time and time again. Here is what Smart Reply will look like when it is released for mobile devices later this week.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.54.34 AM

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