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Send WhatsApp Messages from Microsoft Edge

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WhatsApp is a popular mobile communication app that you can use to send messages and make phone calls through Wi-Fi. It’s grown in popularity internationally and has likely been suggested for you to download for international trips in order to avoid international data charges.

WhatsApp has expanded its functionality to the desktop computer through a web app. Previously, the web app was only available for certain browsers, but has recently been enabled for Microsoft Edge.

Check out the video above and follow the steps below to learn more.

  • Visit the WhatsApp website.
  • Select WhatsApp Web on the top bar.
  • A QR Code appears for you to scan with your phone. Previously, this QR Code was not available for Microsoft Edge.
  • On your WhatsApp mobile app, go to Settings (a gear icon on the bottom right of the screen).
  • Select WhatsApp Web.
  • Your phone screen will then turn into a QR Code scanner (as pictured below) that you can use to read the QR Code pulled up on your computer.
  • Select “OK. Got it,” and place in front of your computer screen.  
  • Your computer screen will then revert to a similar screen you see on your mobile app with all of your conversations. You can now communicate on WhatsApp on the web!
  • Now going forward, your WhatsApp account is now connect to Microsoft Edge. If you need to disconnect WhatsApp from your browser, follow these steps:
  • Go back to your WhatsApp Settings on your mobile phone.
  • Since you are connected, this screen will no longer be a QR Code. It will appear like this image below:
  • You can select Log out from all computers, and you will no longer have the connection to your browser.
  • If you want to use the web app on another computer, you can select Scan QR Code on this screen too.


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