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Securing Your IPhone 6 Will Be Easier than Ever with iOS Sync for Google Apps

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Shortly after Apple announced the brand new iPhone 6 and 6+, the Google for Work team introduced a brand new tool for iOS device management in Google Apps. iOS Sync will support existing devices that run iOS 7, the upcoming iOS 8 and the new versions of the iPhone.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Google already has a great device management solution for Android, but iOS Sync for Google Apps brings some of that same great security and management tools to Apple devices. According to the Google for Work team:

As part of iOS Sync, you’ll get the following additional security measures:


– Manage Google Apps: Set a policy that prompts employees to enroll their device when they log into Google Apps such as Google Drive and Gmail.


– Configure WiFi networks: Distribute WiFi passwords and certificates to employees so they can easily connect to trusted networks.


– Support for existing policies: Manage password requirements, data encryption and camera policies, as well as actions like remotely wiping a device, activation approvals and blocking devices.

The new iOS Sync tool will also work with the existing Gmail and Google Drive apps, so there is no need for users to download any additional software. Administrators for Google Apps for Work, Google Apps for Education and Google Apps for Government will have access to iOS Sync at some point next week.

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