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Redline Editing and Deeper Office Integration Come to Google Drive

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Google Drive is seeing several major updates on the heels of I/O 2014, with Google letting us know that we can now “work with any file, on any device, any time with new Docs, Sheets and Slides.” No where is this message more true than the improved integration with Microsoft Office files.

Improved Office conversion for Google Drive

Previously when working with Microsoft Office files in Google Drive, you needed to worry about converting the file back and forth between the correct formats before you sent it to someone. With the latest update to Drive, Google does the work for you. So if someone sends you over a Word file, you can edit it in Google Drive and send it back to them as a Word attachment, all without having to worry about conversions.

One of the most requested features in Google Docs, redline editing, has finally been added in the form of Suggested Edits. This new feature gives anyone with commenting access the ability to make suggested changes that you can either approve or reject later.

Suggested Edits in Google Docs

Improved support for Microsoft Office editing was long anticipated ever since Google’s acquisition of QuickOffice, and Suggested Edits should only improve the collaboration experience for everyone in Google Docs.

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