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Rapid Release vs. Scheduled Release for Google Apps

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Because Google Apps is completely web-based, domains never need to install or update software when new features are released. There is still plenty of customization available to admins, like the ability to choose when users can access new features.

Google has created two separate release tracks for new features: Rapid release and Scheduled release.

Rapid release makes new features available to consumers as soon as they are rolled out by Google. This means that admins will not have time to evaluate the features before their users have access. If your organization is particularly tech savvy, and eager to test out new features, then this might be the track for you.

Scheduled release, which is enabled by default, delays the release of new features to users so admins have time to train a support staff or prepare their organization. This track normally releases new features 1-2 weeks after the Rapid release. If your organization is new to Google Apps, we recommend using this release schedule, at least initially.

To change your Release Track:

  1. Access the Google Apps Control Panel by clicking the settings gear in your Gmail inbox (must be a Google Apps admin)
  2. Select Manage this domain
  3. Select Domain settings from the bar at the top of the page
  4. Scroll down to New User Features
  5. Select Rapid Release or Scheduled Release
  6. Save your changes

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