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Power Up Your Google Slides With the Lucidchart Integration

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To take your Google Slides presentation to the next level, you can add flowcharts, diagrams, and mockups to illustrate your point. Thanks to a new Slides API integration, you can export professional-looking charts right from Lucidchart into Google Slides. 

Integrate Lucidchart

If you haven’t already integrated Lucidchart, head to the Chrome Web store and search for Lucidchart Diagrams – Online. Click on the Add to Chrome button button to install the app. You will then be given the option to link it to your Drive account, which you should allow.

Why you should use the integration

If you just throw your entire Lucidchart diagram in a Slides presentation, there’s a really good chance that you’re just going to overwhelm people with information. Instead, you can use the integration with Google Slides to assign different parts of your diagram to different slides, so you can break it down and focus on the important details rather than only showing the big picture.

If you’re not already familiar with Lucidchart, check out our post: 3 Ways to Make Your Google Docs Look More Professional, where we show you the basics of working in the application (@2:26 in the video). 

Send your diagram right to Google Slides

  • Once you install the app, you’ll see it in in your Apps page (chrome://apps/). Click on Lucidchart.
  • Once you’ve created your diagram, open up the presentation mode by clicking the Presentation icon.
  • Draw a shape just by clicking, and drag your mouse in order to select the area(s) you want added to your slideshow.
  • Then right-click and choose Create presentation slide. You can also hit the + Slide button to add a new slide from your diagram. Now, if you click the Present button (the play icon), you’ll see that Lucidchart creates some nice sliding animations to guide viewers around your chart.
  • When you’re ready to incorporate this into a Google Slides presentation, click the Send to Google Slides button. The app will take a minute to make the conversion, and you may have to allow some permissions if you haven’t already. Then, your presentation will be exported into Google Slides, where you can combine it with all of the other slides in your presentation.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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