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How to Pin Messages to a Slack Channel

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Messages in Slack sometimes feel like they disappear as quickly as they appear. When you are sending something that deserves a bit more staying power, your best option is to pin the message to the channel.

This will keep the message on display on the right sidebar of the Slack channel, immune to being pushed out of view by newer messages. I like to use this for things like important announcements or a set of rules for using that particular Slack channel.

To pin a message, the message must already have been sent.

1. Hover over the message so the three dots appear on the right side.
2. Click on the three dots
3. Select “Pin to #(slack channel name)
4. Click “Yes, pin this message”

To view pinned messages navigate to the gear icon at the top of the channel and select “View channel details” from the drop down menu. Then click the Pinned Items option on the right sidebar.

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