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New Chrome Update Tells You When Businesses Are Least Crowded

2 minute read

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Want to beat the lines? A new update to Google’s mobile Chrome browser has got you covered. This feature displays a graph that illustrates which hours a business is busiest and which times they have low foot traffic. You can pull this up with just a quick Google Search for the business name and then selecting the location you want to visit.

The store or restaurants also benefit from putting this information out there for everyone to see. As people aim to shop or eat at the quieter times the business can have a steadier pace of customers throughout their day and not get overwhelmed by a condensed lunch rush or something equivalent. Try it out for yourself and find a little more peace and quiet in your day.

Here is how to find it.

1. Open Google Chrome and search for the business you want to visit

2. Tap the specific location you want to visit

3. Scroll down to see which hours are busiest on the “Popular Times” bar graph


4. Check busy times for other days of the week on the day of the week dropdown

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