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New Changes to the Monitor Academy: We’re Expanding!

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Our research shows that 74% of users’ time is spent working directly in SaaS applications, and 86% of users say SaaS applications help them succeed more than desktop alternatives.

It’s an exciting time for the modern workplace: We are now in the age of the SaaS-Powered Workplace.

Employees want to use the best technology available to them, and as a result, organizations are adopting and implementing more and more SaaS applications to help people get their work done. This isn’t limited to G Suite or Office 365. Employees are using many other applications like (and integrations between) Slack, Dropbox, and more to save time and seamlessly collaborate with others. On average, IT actually expects to support 17 SaaS apps this year.

Employees aren’t limiting themselves, and we don’t want to limit you either.

In that spirit, starting today, we’ll be publishing additional types of SaaS tips and tricks to the Academy that extend beyond G Suite and Office 365. You can expect fantastic productivity tips on Slack, Dropbox, Zendesk, and more. We’ve already published several popular Slack and Zendesk productivity posts, so we’re looking forward to creating many more in a similar vein.

The Academy will now contain general SaaS tips and tricks across the board, both on our Academy homepage and in our newsletter. Going forward, our subscription preferences will no longer be divided by G Suite and Office 365.

Our new Academy more accurately reflects the reality of the SaaS-Powered Workplace. This expansion will equip you with more of the essential skills you need to work better, faster, and more effectively in the SaaS-Powered Workplace.

Christina Wang
Editor, BetterCloud Monitor

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